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Susan Dey - your 1960s drugstore queen!

Susan Dey could be found all over your local drugstore in the late 1960s. If she wasn't hawking makeup or dry shampoo, she was trying to make you feel better about getting your period by selling some Tampax. During her heyday, this teen idol was the ideal spokeswoman for the 'jet-setting' Tampax girl, assuring us all that,

"Wherever you go, Tampax tampons are there ahead of you. Just as they do at home, Tampax tampons mean total freedom and comfort for millions of women the world over. In 118 countries!"

All I can say is that I feel for the women in the other 70 or so countries around the world. If they don't have tampons yet... then they probably don't have dry shampoo or Avon either! What's a third world girl to do??

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