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Double Whoopee (1929)

One of the lost films of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, 1929's Double Whoopee features a young, nearly-naked, Jean Harlow who gets caught up in the hijinks that surround this classic comedy duo yukking it up as a couple of bellhops. Ah, there's nothing better than pre-code Hollywood, before it was sanitized for our collective protection. I must make mention that from here on, I'm only going to smoke cigarettes like the Prince of Persia. Now, hold our your hands so I can ash in them, you trash can you.

Read more about the film at IMDB  •  Buy the movie on Amazon

Watch the entire short film below - it's pretty standard Laurel & Hardy fare. I mean what else do you have to do for the next 20 minutes besides be entertained and educated about a little piece of America's illustrious silent film history? Well now you have to watch it or you're just an uncultured schlub. Enjoy.

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